Angie Bauer

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Angie Bauer astounds us all with her inspiring minimalist essentials. Wearability and thoughtfulness transcend all else, and simplicity is elevated to high fashion. Angie Bauer designs are lovingly made in small batches in Los Angeles. It’s important to this brand that its apparel is timeless and made to last. The sleek and neutral styles will accentuate any modern wardrobe. Good for your confidence, the industry, and the planet. We know you’ll love this inspiring brand as much as we do.

Self-Expression in the Most Thoughtful & Intentional Way

Our mission is to help women feel confident in their own skin, and we understand that clothes that flatter your natural figure are an important part. Everyone should have access to clothing made with solid craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

Angie Bauer clothing helps women feel feminine and confident with elegant yet understated looks. We love Angie Bauer designs because not only do they focus on exemplary fashion, but they’re also made locally with great care. Los Angeles neighbors are focused on changing the fast-paced fashion scene to a slower and more intentional mission.

Finding Meaningful Purpose Through Fashion

Angie Bauer proclaims itself as “elevated, wearable essentials.” This brand is about timeless design that you will find yourself keep going back to.

We strive to always vote for quality and meaningful purpose in the fashion industry that is otherwise mundane. By supporting independent designers, we're voting for change against fast fashion. We invite you to read the Auralie Journal for more about our designer’s stories, musings, and thoughts on the idea of fashion as a ritual.