New Arrivals

A selection of fresh, new pieces guided by versatility, longevity, and well-thought-out design. At Auralie, we uphold designers with a thoughtful mindset who put priority on the sustainable approach to their craft. We stand behind the idea of quality, longevity, and loving everything you own, so our boutique’s new arrivals aren’t going to unduly overtake the latest trend. Instead, you’ll find classic looks with luxurious quality that you’ll be able to wear for many years to come.


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New, Fashionable Arrivals

How does Auralie take a stand against fast fashion? Contrary to what we stand behind, fast fashion houses work with a style count quota each month, pushing them to prioritize quantity over quality. At Auralie, we focus on bringing new, fashionable arrivals that are guided by the principle of consciousness, quality, and versatility, without chasing after fleeting fashion trends. We only work with designers whose lines embody this same ethos, all of which lead to a lasting creation and an ethical production process. You'll find our boutique's new arrivals represent these interdisciplinary ideas, and we're proud to showcase their work.

Shop a Conscientious Collection

Auralie exists to support your journey of self-discovery through clothing. We offer garments, well-designed accessories, and objects as tools to communicate our inner self to the outside world. We believe that the garments and objects we bring into our lives are a mirror of our present self.

When you’re exploring our boutique’s new arrivals, we want to gently remind you that you can always receive free express shipping on orders over $299. Plus, if you sign up as part of our community, you will get $15 off your first purchase. It's our way of thanking you for partaking in the intentional path of consumption.