Almost a decade ago, I started my career in fashion. I’ve been in styling, visual merchandising, and buying, both in fast fashion and designer brands. As a young woman transitioning into adulthood, fast fashion dominated my closet. I got used to compulsive shopping and became to see shopping as a way to cope with my feelings of anxiety. But my quest to give up fast fashion was not only because of that. Trying to make ends meet myself, one day it dawned on me that if something costs $3 for me to buy as a merchant, how much do the factory workers, the people who make our clothes get paid?
I love what I do and wouldn’t trade with any other job in the world. However, this is an industry where overconsumption is encouraged. Being mindful with the clothing we buy means we are being ethically and environmentally conscious rather than trend-driven. It takes effort to start shifting our mindset to buy quality over quantity, and committing to only purchase sustainable fashion is not always accessible. Buying things that are well made is a small step we can take to make a difference. We are saying no to overconsumption when we buy quality.  
Fashion touches everyone in different ways. The clothing we wear is a reflection of our values, it’s how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen by others. My hope for Auralie is to present to you a new way of looking at fashion. Let’s stop consuming clothes, but rather live in and shine through them. I hope you’ll join us in committing our lives to quality.
-Tessa Jennifer

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