Flânerie with Anabella Anger

Flânerie with Auralie is an interview series that wanders on a walk (literal or imagined) and explores the current introspective thoughts and reflections with an Auralie muse.

Anabella Anger, “Bells” to her friends, is a vintage furniture dealer, set stylist & artist @corecourtstudio. She currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What, where, why, and how are you currently wandering?

I recently rescued a puppy, which has given me a lot of time to wander on our walks. We explore new areas daily, which allows me to wander in my hometown and discover places I’ve never seen.

I am also Wandering through my creative world, exploring new mediums and seeing what feels right.

Anabella wears the Cordera Pinstripe Shirt in Ecru

At home with Anabella

A question you’re currently searching for an answer to:

How to find a healthy balance between work and play.

Something you are missing:

My family and friends in Puerto Rico.

Something you haven’t realized (until now) that you have gained:

Peace within has given me more confidence and allows me to find ease in every situation. I’ve always been a shy and anxious person. I’ve strayed far away from that and finally feel like myself again.

Something you are presently observing:

My intention in everything I do.

The Cordera Pinstripe Shirt in Ecru

Anabella wears the Cordera Pinstripe Shirt in Ecru

A recent success you haven’t let yourself fully celebrate/savor:

I operate by word of mouth, which has led me to many unique opportunities. I’ve gotten to work with amazing brands and people these past two years and am very thankful for the community I’ve found myself a part of.

A warm memory that makes you smile:

Exploring with my dear friends Rachel and Laura through the fossil beds & painted hills in Oregon during the solar eclipse a few years back. We were all roaming freely and enjoying each other's company. That day felt like a dream.

Advice you would give your past self:

 No one cares about what you’re doing, so do as you please.

How do you slow down?

I plan a lot so that I am not rushed, feel organized, and find the time to slow down and feel structured.

Anabella wears the Cordera Pinstripe Shirt in Ecru

The Cordera Pinstripe Shirt in Ecru

A recent find:

I came across Marty Balin's art and music book collection at a thrift store in St Augustine and was able to purchase some wonderful books that he once owned. An unexpected yet exciting find.

A time you showed softness in strength:

I couldn’t fully speak for six months in 2020 due to a paralyzed vocal chord. I found softness by learning to heal while keeping my strength up when faced with uncertainty and pain.

What is life asking of me?

To continuously explore.


You don’t have to feel obligated to say yes to everything. Learn how to say no and stand your ground.

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