Ethical Bags

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Intentional style involves fusing functionality with timeless aesthetics. These qualities are exactly what you will find in our boutique’s purses. We’ve scoured the world to find artisan designers who create finely designed handbags in timeless styles. Our collection only contains pieces crafted with careful stitching and durable materials.

We believe that handbags must not adhere to seasonal trends or be attention-grabbing statement pieces. In this collection, you will find understated elegance and minimalism. Discover tasteful, muted, and natural handbag colors that are intended to transcend seasons and coordinate with an array of different looks.

Timeless Styles and Artful Functionality

Our boutique’s purses comprise several varying styles that are intended for different purposes and occasions. However, the aspects that every piece in the collection shares are timelessness and elegance. So while your bags may alter during the annual seasons, they are intended to be worn year after year.

You’ll find rattan handbags that are perfect for your summer vacations, and mini pouches for evenings out when you only need to carry a few items. You’ll also discover everyday handbags and totes with functional, internal pockets to hold all your essentials.

Consciously Crafted Bags

Our ethical bags were crafted using conscious methods and with minimal environmental impact. Our community of artisans use production techniques that minimize waste and require less chemical processing. Their focus is on quality and care, not on quantity and speed.

Many of the purses in our boutique were also created by designers who source materials regionally in order to support their local community while reducing transport emissions. So when you add a bag from the Auralie collection to your wardrobe, you know it was manufactured ethically.