Our Story


Auralie was founded by Tessa Aurelia Jennifer. Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tessa grew up loving style and the art of getting dressed — always curious about what a simple garment could tell about its wearer. More than about frivolity or excess, it was a story waiting to be told.

While pregnant with her first child in 2019, she began to see the way design could embody even more — a tool for us to explore and express not just our outer selves, but our inner lives too... unpacking how certain pieces of clothing could make us feel about ourselves. 

Auralie is centered around lines who embody this same ethos; some may call our edit designers and makers “slow” fashion. We consider it to be a likeminded community of individuals who bring things into the world with this same spirit of intentionality, quality, and longevity. We believe self-expression is an evolving, lifelong journey… and we believe in bringing together a community who feels the same way.

In Latin, ‘Aurelia’ translates to ‘golden.’ Behind the name is the idea that at the core of our being, we all have pure, flawless soul just like gold. When we connect to our truest selves, we realize we have all that we need.