Our Story


Auralie is pronounced UH ‘ raw - lee with the emphasis on the first syllable. I’m Tessa Aurelia Jennifer; my middle name means golden. So the name of my shop is rooted in the idea that all of us are filled with sunshine and light.

I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia in a fairly typical household. Part of that upbringing was the unquestioning acceptance of cheaply made goods and disposable, trend-based clothing. My community there did not value art or craftsmanship, but something inside me was reaching for the poetry of ideas and imagination. 

I came to the States for the first time during high school. I soon returned for college, where I chased a dream that I called fashion. But the closer I got to that dream, the more I realized how flawed it was. The industry I found myself in was not about grace, expression, or the magical prism of possibility. It was all about profit. 

While pregnant with my first child in 2019, I began envisioning a platform based on transformation and honest beauty. A place where we could be both strong and gentle, where all of the paradoxes and all of the harmonies would be completely at home. Where we could be ourselves—where we could grow into ourselves. 

Slow fashion is a choice we make about how we move through this life and how we show the world who we are. Slow fashion is about having beautiful pieces to dress up in, and it’s about having well-made basics to get to work in. Slow fashion is a direct reflection of our values, and the value we place on ourselves, our direction, our development, and our happiness. 

And that’s what Auralie is, too. #StayGolden

Join us as we commit our lives to quality and receive 15% off your first purchase.