About Us

Photo of Tessa Aurelia Jennifer in a black blouse, the founder of fashion boutique Auralie.

Auralie was founded by Tessa Aurelia Jennifer. Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tessa grew up loving style and the art of getting dressed — always curious about what a simple garment could tell about its wearer. More than about frivolity or excess, it was a story waiting to be told.

While pregnant with her first child in 2019, she began to see the way design could embody even more — a tool for us to explore and express not just our outer selves, but our inner lives too... unpacking how certain pieces of clothing could make us feel about ourselves. 

Auralie is centered around lines who embody this same ethos; some may call our designers and makers “slow” fashion. We consider it to be a like-minded community of individuals who bring things into the world with this same spirit of intentionality, quality, and longevity. We believe self-expression is an evolving, lifelong journey… and we believe in bringing together a community who feels the same way.

In Latin, ‘Aurelia’ translates to ‘golden.’ Behind the name is the idea that at the core of our being, we all have pure, flawless souls just like gold. When we connect to our truest selves, we realize we have all that we need.

Our Independent Designers 

At Auralie, we’re careful and purposeful about the designer brands we choose to host at our boutique. We prioritize exemplary craftsmanship, authentic designs, and versatile styles every woman can enjoy. It’s important to us that the designers we choose uphold the traditional practices of their craft and have a thoughtful, ethical mission.

Atelier Delphine is one shining example of what we love. The designer, Yuka Izutsu, uses only high-quality, high-performance materials that offer a beautiful softness and elegance. Paloma Wool, another favorite of ours, makes getting dressed an experiment and an adventure with their wonderfully imaginative wool creations. And About Arianne, a shoe designer based out of Spain, follows no trends and gives us timeless, ethereal shoe designs that respect local craftsmanship and the environment.

These are just a few of the designers that inspire and motivate us every day at Auralie. We invite you to discover more and see how fashion can further self-expression. 

What We Offer

Auralie curates in more than just designer clothing! We’re delighted to bring you an enticing selection of upscale accessories, classic shoes, and one of a kind jewelry

In addition, we’re excited to let you decorate your space with a range of wholesome home decor. Our home offering is equal parts intriguing and beautiful, and everything we source from hand-sculpted candles to exquisite kitchenware is intended to invite us to slow down and cultivate moments of connection.

Explore our offerings and see what beauty and creativity you can find at Auralie.

 Woman with brown hair pulling off a sheer white blouse.

Our Values 

Expression and Evolution: The garments and objects we bring into our lives are a mirror of our present self. We treat the act of getting dressed as a gesture of care, ritual, and self love.

Mindful Consumption: We believe in quality, longevity, and loving everything you own.

The Journey: We stand for self acceptance, kindness, connection… and the tools that help us along the way to access this sense of being.

Inspiration with Substance: We curate, cultivate, and create meaningful and thought-provoking content that invites our community to turn inward.

Our Positioning

At the core of our being, we are: 

Slow fashion meets self inquiry.

Retail with a soul, curated by a real person.

Breaking barriers with what clothing represents.

A retailer that offers garments, well-designed accessories, and objects as tools to communicate our inner self to the outside world.

Supportive of a journey of self-discovery through clothing.

Read Our Journal

Each month, we reflect on the fashion industry, our mission, and our studio in our journal. We sometimes write profiles on inspirational women who are changing the industry, and we also publish our ponderings on self-expression, self-love, and what clothing means in our lives. 
It is our goal to shine lights on individuals who are shaping the creative industry and to cultivate a more connected way of life through stories. We hope you'll check it out.