Atelier Delphine

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Los Angeles-based brand, Atelier Delphine, is focused on thoughtful craftsmanship from conception to production. The designer, Yuka Izutsu, believes in using only high-quality, natural materials that improve their clothing's longevity and functionality. Izutsu was inspired to bring comfort and beauty into women’s knitwear, and her collection sweeps you away in soft muted tones and loose, cozy fits, all of which are elegant and ethereal. The care that goes into these items is plain to see and feel, and they are built to live with you for a long time.

The Classic Atelier Delphine Silhouette

Atelier Delphine is one of our most popular brands at Auralie, and perhaps most famous amongst Yuka Izutsu’s dreamy collection is the ever-popular Atelier Delphine Haori Coat. Most of her designs emphasize a wide, loose, flowy silhouette that drapes symmetrically over the body. This special design wraps around the neck and features textured color blocking that makes the shape eye-catching and distinctive. Many Atelier Delphine pieces are 100% baby alpaca made in Peru, allowing for natural breathability and prioritizing meticulous craftsmanship. We hope you'll love the selection as much as we do.

Clothing That Evolves With You

Like all forms of self-love, we like to think of choosing fashion as a ritual: a moment to step back and ask ourselves "How do I feel and how do I want to feel through my clothes"? Fashion can help us see a part of ourselves and express it. We hope you'll join us in building a like-minded community and be in touch with that part of yourself.