Knitted Clothing

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Knit apparel is a wardrobe requisite that adds a touch of warmth and comfort during the chilly seasons. Putting together a standout look with a soft knit is a joyous ritual that allows you to connect with your innate style and sense of self. Our luxury knitwear is constructed from the most sumptuous textiles that wrap around you like a gentle embrace. These knit pieces pave the path to a journey of self-expression while also contributing to a more sustainable future, where each piece of clothing is cherished for the entire extent of its lifespan.

Elegantly Designed Knitwear

Our knitted clothing has been conceptualized and brought to life by independent designers who have put their heart, soul, and sustainable practices into the making of these upscale pieces. Muted colors, sophisticated silhouettes, feminine drapes, and clean outlines imbue this knitwear with a timelessness that surpasses the ephemeral nature of trends. These ethically-made knits pair well with our sustainable pants for an effortless, classy look that takes only minutes to assemble. Whether you’re looking for something to layer with or don as a singular piece, our knit apparel will help you do so with beauty, elegance, and comfort.

Treading Gently on the Planet

At Auralie, our mission is to offer upscale fashion that not only acts as a medium for you to discover your true self but is also kind to the planet we all hold dear. That is why our knitted clothing and other products have been designed with the spirit of intentionality, quality, and longevity. Auralie’s clothing has been built to last and designed to remain a part of your signature style for years to come. We hope you’ll love our collection of fashionable, designer clothing as much as we do.