Artisan Home Decor

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Your living space is your sanctuary and adorning it with bespoke treasures is one of the finer joys in life. Create a beautiful atmosphere of artisan home decor, including bespoke candles and handmade ceramics. These gifts have a distinctive, quirky flair that only comes from designers with an independent streak and limitless imagination. We take great pride in the artists we support here at Auralie and that gives us a collection you can't find just about anywhere. We hope you’ll love the little delights you find here.

Gorgeous Handmade Ceramics

There’s something so personal and magical about clay sculpted and glazed by hand. Nothing you find here is churned out en masse in a factory; everything is lovingly crafted by hand by skilled artisans who are passionate about their craft. These handmade ceramics are truly special, and the soft gracefulness of their style is a look that will stay timeless forever. We continually source every part of the world to bring you new bespoke decor with a heart and soul, so keep refreshing our selection to discover what new treasures we have in store for you.


Give Artisan Home Decor as a Thoughtful Gift

These extraordinary decorations make for a meaningful, thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It makes the gifts extra special when they know that these products are handmade by independent artists using traditional craftsmanship. These handmade ceramics, candles, and tabletop decor will surely level up your gifting experience. Our Home Decor and the rest of our offerings -- apparel, accessories, and jewelry -- are designed to allow you to enrich the art of living everyday life. We're here to help you express and shine lights on the parts you already have instead of changing your course.