Values and Positioning



Our Values


Expression and Evolution: the garments and objects we bring into our lives are a mirror of our present self. We treat the act of getting dressed as a gesture of care, ritual, and self love.

Mindful Consumption: we believe in quality, longevity, and loving everything you own.

The Journey: we stand for self acceptance, kindness, and connection...and the tools that help us along the way to access this sense of being.

Inspiration with Substance: we curate, cultivate, and create meaningful and thought-provoking content that invites our community to turn inward


Our Positioning


At the core of our being, we are: 

A slow fashion meets self inquiry.

Retail with a soul, curated by a real person.

Breaking barriers with what clothing represents.

Offering garments and well-designed accessories and objects as tools to communicate our inner self to the outside world.