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Explore a remarkable selection of designer clothing at a discount and find a new favorite that will last for many years to come. At Auralie, we offer online boutique sales periodically to make room for the new and exciting pieces in our collection. We don’t believe in churning out mass-produced clothes, so everything you see here is made with sustainable, traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful materials. Celebrate your most authentic self with clothing, shoes, and accessories from Auralie.

Indulge in Luxury and Longevity

At Auralie, we curate all our independent fashion designers, brands, and products with great care to ensure they prioritize longevity. This also applies to our discount designer clothes. But what does longevity in design mean? Simply put, it refers to creating items with durable materials, careful stitching, and ever-stylish designs that won’t become quickly outdated.

Some of the independent designers you’ll find in the Auralie community are Deiji Studios, Angie Bauer, and Wol Hide. An example of how Wol Hide supports longevity is by using deadstock materials and carefully selecting fibers for durability and wear. Although our designers differ in production practices, location, and products, they all align with our mission of promoting long-lasting and luxury clothing, accessories, footwear, and homewares.

Shop Consciously with Discount Designer Clothes

Auralie is all about conscious consumption over short-term whims. Everything we represent is designed by a real person and uses slow fashion practices that honor people and the environment. By slow fashion, we mean that our designers are artisans who produce their pieces in slow batches and use eco-friendly and long-lasting materials.

If this online boutique sale selection is your first glance at Auralie. Additionally, you can always receive free shipping on orders over $150. Thank you for choosing to be thoughtful and intentional with your selection. We hope you join our community to support slow fashion.