Boutique Swimwear & Intimates

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At Auralie, we’ve designed a thoughtful collection of minimalist boutique intimates & swimwear with an emphasis on elegance, craftsmanship, and longevity. These graceful designs help you express your most authentic self and contribute towards the conscious consumption of fashion. Our mission is to help you embrace timeless styles that reflect who you are and not what the latest trends are. Our boutique women's fashion pieces perfectly encapsulate our philosophy of self-discovery through clothing. Explore our swimwear and intimates for breezy, sun-swept pieces.

Boutique Swimwear in Refined Cuts

Cherish your body and celebrate your femininity with classic silhouettes that exude beauty, simplicity, and gentleness. Adorn yourself in earthy, muted colors and ethically-crafted designs that will last for seasons to come. Like the rest of our designer fashion, these swimsuits are made to nurture your self-assuredness and connect you with fashion that speaks to who you are at your core. They’re sustainably crafted and durably designed to grace your wardrobe right beside your most treasured pieces. Turn your beach days and pool nights into precious memories with our sophisticated swimwear.

Simple Yet Luxurious Intimates

Embodying the same principle as our swimwear, our collection of boutique intimates encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin. They’re designed to gently support and comfort you through the day with a craftsmanship that will evolve with you. When worn with our boutique loungewear, these classy intimates elicit feelings of joy and contentment with who you are. Dress like your most genuine self while also creating a positive impact on the planet with our sustainable boutique swimwear & intimates.