Boutique Skirts & Shorts

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Shorts and skirts are freeing pieces of fashion that allow you to be both feminine and powerful. The length, design, and construction express your personality just as much as how you choose to wear it. From free-flowing, sun-swept beach shorts to posh, leather skirts, you’ll find a collection of ethically-made shorts and skirts that bring longevity to your wardrobe.

The Perfect Pair for Impeccable Comfort

A perfect pair goes beyond simply pairing two items. It’s about knowing what you want and what it takes to achieve the look that you’re going for. It’s about matching energies to create something entirely new yet something that works better as a whole than on its own. Whether it’s a pair of designer shoes, high-end jewelry, or boutique skirts and shorts, they all must have a touch of something special and personal. Purposeful fashion, in clothing and accessories, is one you can wear with a renewed sense of grace and purpose.

Boutique shorts and skirts are a celebration of femininity in all its forms. They're comfortable and they can be worn just about anywhere, from the beach, to the office, and to a dinner party. That's what makes Auralie shorts and skirts the perfect pair: they effortlessly combine comfort and style.

Speak Your Truth: A Fashion Sense That Is Anything But Ordinary

Gone are the days when you have to settle for the ordinary. Auralie acknowledges that each one of us has an inner voice that makes up who we are. This complex and intricate identity is reflected in your fashion, as well. We want to help you express your voice through our sustainable collection of boutique skirts and shorts, all designed with eco-friendly materials through environmentally-conscious practices. Slow fashion isn’t simply beautiful; it is also ethical. Dress in clothing that makes you and the planet feel good.