Explore a remarkable selection of designer clothing at a discount and find a new favorite that will last for many years to come. At Auralie, we offer online boutique sales periodically to make room for the new and exciting pieces in our collection. We don’t believe in churning out mass-produced clothes, so everything you see here is made with sustainable, traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful materials. Celebrate your most authentic self with clothing, shoes, and accessories from Auralie.


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Indulge in Luxury & Longevity

Auralie embraces the creativity and innovation of modern, independent fashion designers. We seek to transform consumers’ attitudes towards fashion by surpassing the need to “follow the trends” and instead prioritizing high quality, timelessness, and longevity. We curate every designer, brand, and product with great care to ensure it aligns with our vision. This also applies to our discount designer clothes: we still place the same meticulous approach and uphold the same standard of luxury, even though they are on sale. You’ll find the same lasting practice of crafts in every piece you find on our site, guaranteed.

Shop Consciously with Discount Designer Clothes

Auralie is all about longevity over short-term whims. We like to think of ourselves as retail with a soul, where everything we represent is designed and edited by a real person. Our goal is to curate the finest pieces that inspire you to turn inwards and evolve with you as life unfolds.

If this online boutique sale selection is your first glance at Auralie, remember that you can get $15 off your first purchase. Additionally, you can always receive free shipping on orders over $299. Thank you for choosing to be thoughtful and intentional with your selection. We hope you join our community to support well thought-out slow fashion.