Deiji Studios

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Founded in 2016 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson, Deiji Studios is a rising star in the fashion world that celebrates minimalist, high-end beauty. Based out of Byron Bay, Australia, this creative brand is all about comfortable, simplistic linens, and loungewear that seeks to blur the lines between ready-to-wear and sleepwear. The simplicity of these designs is a delight to behold. Easy to wear and empirically stylish all day long, Deiji Studio sets will accompany you through thick and thin, leaving you comfortable at all times — and according to Deiji’s philosophy, when we’re comfortable, we’re confident.

The Meaning of “Deiji”

In the words of the designers at Deiji Studios, Deiji translates to “daisy,” a flower that the designers believe is perfectly emblematic of their brand. The daisy is simple, resilient, and beautiful in its own unassuming way — and so, too, is their fashion. Deiji Studio sets don’t seek to be flashy and trend-seeking; they’re designed to last and stand the test of time. They have humble designs that prioritize exceptional quality and versatility: a philosophy we adore at Auralie. The concept of Deiji is the ability to blend daywear and sleepwear in a universal and versatile combination.

Sustainably Focused

Natural linen, when sourced with care with ethical production processes, is one of the finest materials our planet has to offer. From superior comfort to breathability, it’s never more pleasant to wear something so sustainable. Deiji Studios is known for their luxurious linen (they’re a high-end bedding company, too!). They’re also proud members of One Percent for the Planet, an organization in which at least one percent of their annual sales goes to environmental causes. Explore the Deiji collection and find more conscious clothing at Auralie.