Paloma Wool

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Founded in 2014 by Barcelona-born Paloma Lanna, Paloma Wool seeks to make the act of getting dressed an experiment and an art form. Her one-of-a-kind and often quirky designs take many forms, and all are meant to be woven into the fabric of our daily life. With this brand, you’ll discover how purposeful and intentional fashion can enhance your sense of self-expression.

Skip Seasonal. Find Paloma Wool All Year Round

Paloma Lanna takes the concept of timelessness to a whole new level. She doesn’t operate around the changing of the seasons; rather, she pursues year-long clothing that never goes out of style. Paloma Wool is constantly pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, trying to define what fashion and expressing yourself really means. And that’s what Auralie is all about, too: slow fashion that doesn’t conform to trends or use wasteful, low-quality materials. Every Paloma Wool sweater and more are crafted with great care and natural materials. You’ll be delighted to support this fair-trade, women-owned business.

Express Yourself with Intentional Fashion

The Auralie mission is to support your journey of self-discovery through slow, intentional fashion. We treat getting dressed as a gesture of self-care and personal expression. Our designers support that journey and go further by using ethical, sustainable materials and high-quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Read the Auralie Journal to learn more about the new style mindset that’s changing the industry.