About Arianne

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About Arianne follows a philosophy of comfortable design, supporting local Spanish craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Founded by thoughtful designers, Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal, this brand is based in Barcelona, Spain and crafts all their shoes in Elx (Alacant). About Arianne doesn’t chase trends; they follow their own style beacons and take inspiration from their own passions. The result is sincere timelessness and beauty in every pair. They celebrate craftsmanship while respecting the environment and empowering their customers. Quality, comfort, and design are their constant waypoints. About Arianne shoes are simply a treasure.

Why Local Craftsmanship Matters

The fast fashion world is sadly full of unethical manufacturing. These practices impact both social well-being and our environment. Designers like About Arianne are trying to break these trends by returning to honest roots, and the result is not just better from an ethical standpoint, but also produces a better product. 

This one-of-a-kind brand sources its materials from Spain and crafts them all locally. This produces fewer emissions and supports their local economy in the process. They’re proud of testing every About Arianne shoe model carefully and personally. We’re proud to offer these in our shoe collection.

Honest Design Means Lasting Quality

We’re proud to host brands at Auralie that have a genuine passion for their craft. We believe this makes a better product that lets you enjoy stronger durability and timelessness. This brand is all about attention to detail and the ultimate practicality of their creations — something we’re passionate about, too.

In versatile shoes like these, you can feel comfortable and embrace a classy, authentic flair. These shoes will stick with you through all “walks” of life, for a long time to come. That kind of reliability is something we value tremendously, and something you can find at About Arianne.