Flânerie with Brooke Lindstrom

Flânerie with Auralie is an interview series that wanders on a walk (literal or imagined) and explores the current introspective thoughts and reflections with an Auralie muse.

Brooke Lindstrom is Auralie’s Brand Director, the founder of Strålande Studio, and a creative consultant. Her work spans multiple mediums, including photography, creative direction, graphic design, and marketing. She resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with her fiance, Alex.

What, where, when, why, and how are you wandering?

This morning I woke up feeling rested, more so than usual. Did exercising yesterday for the first time in months or reading before bed have anything to do with it?

It’s roughly 6:55 am. It’s been surprisingly warm lately in New York. The light outside is soft. My toes are cold. I continue on my brief morning routine.

I hear my neighbor's alarm going off. I splash water across my face that’s too cold. It is because I’m too impatient to wait for it to warm up, or do I appreciate the jolt of the temperature?

I’m wandering from my dining table, cross-legged in an office chair. There is a large window with a sheer ivory curtain to my left that lets light filter in, an iced latte in front, palo santo in the air, and fresh eucalyptus to the right. Did I choose to write from this location because it feels safe?

Metaphorically I’m wandering through the familiar streets of Greenpoint, doing a loop around Mccarren Park, mostly likely stopping to dog watch for a few minutes, and grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere. If only it were the weekend and not a Tuesday. I second guess if I chose the right setting for my imagined walk.

In my state of overthinking, I reflect on everything I have now that I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. The tree outside softly moves in the wind. Why do some branches still have a few leaves attached while the rest are bare?

There is a common theme, it feels like I’m wandering, searching for answers, a new perspective, reassurance, but at the same time, there is a feeling of content and stillness, like deep down, I know I already have the answer.

Brooke wears the Marle Ardi Dress in Black

Brooke wears the Marle Jagger Top in Black

A question you’re currently searching for an answer to:

How do I find a hobby outside of work when all of my interests somehow manage to become intertwined with my work eventually? My current hobbies outside of work are yoga and cooking, although I would like to find a hobby I can happily fail at regularly (without having to eat it or risk getting injured).

 A problem you have solved:

I’ve learned how to set boundaries in work and life and to move on from relationships with people who continuously knock down my boundaries. It was not an easy process, but it was worth the self-growth pains on the other side.

A warm memory that makes you smile:

I often think back almost five years to the summer Alex and I met. Playing frisbee at the park after dinner and kissing goodnight in the pouring rain on our first date, both of us not searching for something serious and utterly oblivious to what the future holds. Unsurprising now, the thought “this is who I’m going to end up with” both crossed our minds that night.

Something you are longing for:

Long summer days that wane to nights wandering through Brooklyn without a care in the world.

 A success you haven’t let yourself actualize yet:

Having an untraditional career path, I haven’t fully actualized or celebrated how far I have come. I’m still shocked that I thought I wanted to work a conventional (but creative) 9-5 job when I started my career.

The last challenging choice you made:

 It was moving on from a long-term client and the comfort that comes with that to make room for new opportunities that feel much more natural and authentic. Sometimes a risk is the only way to gain something better.

Advice you would give yourself two years ago:

Stop overthinking. You are stronger than you realize. Show yourself more kindness.

Brooke wears the Marle Jagger Top in Black

Brooke wears the Marle Ardi Dress in Black

A mindfulness practice you are currently trying to understand and implement:

Take a moment to step back and breathe when I feel overwhelmed and get back into a movement routine to keep my anxiety, stress levels, and mood in check.

A quote:

To say out loud the next time you are overthinking or experiencing self-doubt: “What if it all works out?”.

What matters most in my life?

My relationships with closest friends and family. Finding joy in the mundane. Making memories and being in the moment.

How do you spend time with people intentionally?

This is something I’m still practicing. I’m a bit of an ambivert. I go through periods where I’m very extroverted and thrive in a busy social calendar. However, there are times when I lean towards introversion and crave time alone with myself. I try to listen to what I need and make plans accordingly to truly show up—and sometimes, knowing when I need to push myself to be social (definitely a COVID symptom, developing such peace in doing less).


Herbed Butter Garlic Bread Bruschetta. Enough said.

I never follow a recipe exactly and eyeball a lot of it. My favorite variations are using Trader Joe’s gluten-free bread (I'm allergic), not roasting the garlic because I never have the time, swapping spring onions for shallots, and mixing it up with the topping. Sometimes I add some fresh parsley, cubed mozzarella, and pepperonis.

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