Roe Johnson: Yoga Teacher & Sustainability Enthusiast

Roe Johnson is someone you know you want to friends with, even before you meet her. At least, that was the case for me. I discovered Roe through Commune Yoga and immediately drawn into her stillness. There’s something about her that makes me feel so collected. In addition, she’s also a sustainability enthusiast! Auralie ultimate muse pretty much! We grabbed coffee and chatted with her last week, and she’s just as real as her IG handle, @theslow.moment shows!

“I’m from the east coast originally and moved to Seattle about three years ago with my fiancé. I grew up with classical ballet, and was sure I was going to do ballet professionally. But along the way I got burned out, and that’s when I realize I wanted to be a yoga teacher. I have always been close with movement all my life, so yoga has always been a part of me.

My sustainable living journey started when I discovered this zero waste store called Eco Collective, and from there I started paying attention to my consumption (including fashion!) and what I can do to minimize waste. For me, being mindful of how we live our life applies to more than one aspect, it applies to what we eat/ buy, what we wear on your body, and how we treat yourself. My teacher once said, “Being mindful is not hard, remembering it is hard.” I tried to apply the concept of mindfulness into my daily life, even in the simplest way.

It’s very important to me to take some time in the morning to be alone without distraction, and nurture myself. My mantra to live by is “I am pure love”. I think only when I’m full within, that’s when I can give to others and that makes me happy.”

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