Tiana Petrullo, Analog Photographer + Glass Artist

Tiana is an analog photographer and designer/maker of handmade glass objects. Her photos and words will instantly make anyone feel calm and inspired — at least for me. Below we get to know Tiana a little bit more, and her learnings in this moment of pause.

As a bit of background, can you share more about who you are and your path that takes you to where you are now?

I am changing, habitually. Visual expression had always been my way of revealing softness without having to become personally vulnerable. I think I am growing into a place now where the feelings that come across in my work feel perceivable through my exterior as well. My path has been unconventional, sometimes seemingly impossible based on what I had been shown was attainable. I enjoy putting time and energy into a multitude of creative mediums and am still exploring how I can continue to do everything that I love without compromise.

What does a day in your life look like?

Lately... an inconsistent routine of quality time, working until my productivity wanes, reading, learning.

This is certainly a moment loaded with a lot of moments to pause and take personal inventory: What are some of your biggest learnings or takeaways from the last 3 months?

From day one of this global shift, I have been excited by the incredibly unique experience to pause and look at our surroundings from a new perspective, hoping for a global awakening. This time has allowed for a thoughtful challenge to how we, as a community, interact with the way of life we have been shown as normal. I have validated how much solace I find in nature, love, comfort, health, and creativity. With more time, space, and a simplified environment, I have had a regenerative experience with my personal well-being, which has been an important allowance toward holding space for others.

What have been some of the most nourishing solo practices for you over the last two months (as specific as you can share would be great) — songs, readings, recipes, activity, etc.

Movement has been gratifying. I have never been good at motivating myself to exercise at home so when I do it’s rewarding. I have learned to be less hard on myself and allow my routine to fluctuate. Sometimes I run, walk, do pilates, ride a bike. Time outdoors is cherished. I like to supplement these moments with podcasts to keep up with what is happening on this planet.

What talisman or objects have been most grounding for you recently?

Always the glass pieces that I have made for myself. Working with my hands is the most meditative experience and I feel proud to see the product of my time taking up space. When I’m feeling calm, I enjoy lighting Bodha’s grounding incense in one of my Incense Stones. When I need a reminder to pause and process, to reconnect with myself, it’s one of my Transparency Pendants, a piece created to encourage transparent, unguarded dialogue.

What books are on your “sanity shelf” - ones you return to again and again to seek inspiration, connection, or comfort?

I don't typically read anything more than once. I seek thoughtful writing but reading has always been more about mental escape as a calming experience for me. I connect with stories that offer solidarity to experiences that I have had. Or that show me different perspectives on life and relationships (personal, generational, cultural) with humanity.

—as told to Auralie

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