Alohas Boots

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ALOHAS is dedicated to crafting sustainable footwear with a fresh, modern appeal. Based in Barcelona, these shoes are Spanish from design to the final stitch. Environmental responsibility is just as paramount as style with ALOHAS boots. They use eco-friendly materials, like certified leather and recycled textiles, all under fair-trade conditions. They manufacture nearby in Alicante and encourage sustainable shopping in every aspect of their business model. The result is phenomenal quality and high-end appeal, all while healing the planet.

The ALOHAS Philosophy and “On-Demand” Production

The ALOHAS commitment to sustainable production is admirable and an inspiration to our community. They save a vast amount of materials from ending up in a landfill because they never overproduce items to begin with.

The key is an “on-demand” production process, in which they manufacture ALOHAS boots and other footwear only for preorder. That’s why Auralie has a one-of-a-kind and limited selection of ALOHAS footwear. We pride ourselves on our tight and thoughtful curation. Our purpose is founded on sustainable practices and an ever-refreshing inventory, curated with care.

Shop Intentionally at Auralie

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