Are Studio

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Are Studio is a Los Angeles gem founded in 2012 by designer Cecilia Bordarampé. This brand specializes in leather and canvas bags designed to act as a “clean slate,” allowing them to stay timeless no matter what style and use they’re paired with. Are Studio bags are staple items that allow people to add their own personalities every day. They source their materials locally and strive to produce minimal waste. Are Studio does not stray from natural imperfections in leather hide, allowing each bag to be one of a kind. These versatile bags will become your trusted companions for many years to come.

The Philosophy Behind Are Studio

The word “are” in this designer’s name is as simple as you think: it means “to be.” It’s an existential concept that refers to the way we surround ourselves with objects every day. Are Studio believes that the objects we choose to adorn ourselves with is a part of our lives that we should be conscious of and pay attention to.

Our mission at Auralie aligns beautifully with theirs. Many people treat fashion mindlessly, only as a part of the background of their life. When we dress intentionally, we are more mindful of how we choose to present ourselves and what brands we choose to support.

Conscious Choice in Fashion

We believe in the act of getting dressed as a part of our daily ritual and a conscious choice. By choosing products like Are Studio bags with a sustainable and intentional mission, we contribute to the idea of conscious fashion and help the industry transform. Read more about our missions and our brands at our interdisciplinary digest, the Auralie Journal.