Beatrice Valenzuela

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The beloved designer Beatrice Valenzuela experiences life through a vibrant and sensual lens. Her Mexican background colors her life and perception, and she incorporates this passion for her home and her family into her work. She strives to bring a simple beauty and vitality into all of her designs, and that means crafting each piece in a local studio close to her home in Los Angeles. Beatrice Valenzuela shoes are handmade with precise craftsmanship and skill. You’re going to get a long life out of these timeless styles.

Minimalist Style That Grows With You

These shoes are designed to walk with you for many years to come, no matter the twists and turns your life takes. Beatrice Valenzuela shoes are made with great care and long-lasting materials by skilled artisans. We believe style is just as important as wearability, and so does Beatrice Valenzuela.

This brand’s small team works out of one of the last remaining shoe factories in Los Angeles. With both local design and local craftsmanship, every detail of these shoes is carefully overseen. These versatile shoes go beyond seasonal, fleeting trends.

Find Authentic, Independent Fashion

Auralie is proud to host a collection of designers like Beatrice Valenzuela who take pride in their work. By supporting high-end artists like these, we can contribute to the end of damaging fast fashion trends and rediscover the art of getting dressed. We believe clothing should enhance your confidence and last as long as possible.

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