By Malene Birger

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By Malene Birger is a stunning luxury fashion brand that strives to be “feminine and free.” Founded in 2003, this brand began to devote itself to long-lasting investment pieces with a contemporary naturalistic style. They incorporate elements of Scandinavian minimalism that stay versatile and timeless in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Their attention to detail shows in everything from the lush fabrics, fine knits, and bold flairs. Delight in the collection of By Malene Birger online at Auralie.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible Clothing

By Malene Birger is focused on an honest commitment to protecting the environment and adhering to safe and socially responsible standards. They support animal welfare rights, protect customers with safe chemical restrictions, and use progressive business models focused on sustainability. They have a strong diversity and equality standard as well as an environmentally-focused code of conduct addressing their global impact.

Our world needs more responsible and thoughtful labels like By Malene Birger. This brand is working against wasteful fast fashion and creating new, timeless looks in the meantime. Here, creativity and quality go hand-in-hand with ethics and innovation, and By Malene Birger is proof.

Find Clothing Made With Care

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