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Cordera embodies contemporary Spanish design that is ethically crafted and sustainably sourced. We’re proud to carry a collection of intricate, artisanal craftsmanship. They work with small family factories in the north of Spain to make creative products with a handmade finishing touch. This kind of dedication and artistry is inspiring to us. Codera fashion contains neutral and elegant styles that are likewise inspired by the hilly, magical landscapes of northern Spain. Their sustainable and ethical mission is as inspiring as their designs. Discover the wonders of Cordera.

The Honest, Sustainable Mission of Cordera Clothing

Cordera clothing is made with a strong ethical and sustainable mission from start to finish, and that’s incredibly important to us at Auralie. Their primary initiatives are to have a low environmental production cycle (low resource waste), to avoid harmful processes to maintain the natural appearance of the fabrics, to use only cruelty-free certified wool, and to produce clothing in only small batches.

Cordera fashion is an example of what happens when ethical practices are paramount from start to finish. The result is the most elegant, beautiful knitwear we’ve ever seen, and a timeless product that lasts.

Love Your Clothes for Longer

When your clothes are made with the same quality and care as Cordera clothing, they’re going to last much longer. This leads to less waste, less pollution, and less strain on the environment. In these small ways, we can change the fashion industry. Auralie believes we can have a serious impact on our planet by choosing thoughtful brands like Cordera. Slow fashion starts with brands like these.