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DMY by DMY sunglasses are exceptional, not just for the classic styles they honor, but also for their incredible sustainable materials. DMY by DMY uses the world’s best Italian cellulose acetate, which is a plant-based plastic made with the environment in mind. With this plant-based material, the planet isn’t just treated fairly; you can also enjoy a durable yet lightweight pair of sunglasses and hypoallergenic comfort. This British brand is well-loved around the world, and we’re pleased to invite you to explore our curated collection.

Timeless Styles Without the Waste

DMY by DMY borrows from historical styles to deliver a modern yet timeless style. They don’t follow the latest trends; they derive their own inspiration and have their own eye for design, which aligns with our core mission here at Auralie. The result is an authentic and versatile pair of sunglasses that will evolve with you far beyond the fleeting whims of the season.

And they make these sophisticated styles without the use of harmful plastic. Their innovation of relying on plant-based Italian plastic to deliver long-lasting wear is noteworthy. A pair of DMY by DMY sunglasses is an honest investment you can feel good about.

Shop Consciously and Make a Difference

Auralie invites you to change the way we see fashion. Rather than wasteful consumption through fast fashion, we want to make shopping and getting dressed a conscientious and thoughtful experience. We invite you to read our journal for more about our designer’s stories and our thoughts on intentional fashion.