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Donni was made with love from the beginning, always with the core mission of comfort. They are proud of the special details that add charm and personality to your clothing, but they also want to make sure all Donni clothing and accessories help you feel confident in your own skin. Donni fashion is designed not just for special occasions, but for everyday confidence, even if you’re relaxing around at home. Donni wants to “feel like your friend” by making welcoming clothing with respect, sustainability, and care. That honest spirit resonates with us at Auralie.

Shop Donni to Feel Comfortable In Your Skin

The Donni clothing brand is based in Los Angeles, where they’re on a mission to support women-owned and women-run businesses and local nonprofits. They only partner with fair-wage companies, and they genuinely want to better their community. This brand welcomes people to shop their collections without hurting the environment in the process. They use eco-friendly materials, including recycled fabrics and packaging, and they’re committed to minimizing their carbon usage. We invite you to explore Donni apparel, a brand we are so proud to support.

Finding Meaningful Purpose Through Fashion

Slow fashion — fashion with intention, designed to last — is how we can steer the world away from mass textile waste and an unsustainable industry. Our mission at Auralie is to foster positive self-expression through conscious fashion. We’re excited to help you discover your true confidence through intentional fashion, and we invite you to learn more about our ethos at the Auralie Journal.