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HEREU, the Catalan word for "heir," is a brand that supports traditional heritage with stunning modern visions. José Bartolomé and Albert Escribano founded this brand in 2014 with a vision of reviving Spanish Mediterranean craftsmanship techniques with a contemporary twist. HEREU shoes are known for their revival of Spanish summer motifs, such as fishnets and Raffia baskets, which honor their cultural and creative sources while catering to modern practicality. Comfort is just as important as aesthetics, and the artisanal craftsmanship helps these shoes excel in both aspects. The HEREU sale items at Auralie are genuine, beautiful, and versatile, and will work easily for both casual and formal days.

Locally and Consciously Crafted

HEREU partners closely with traditional artisans in Spain to craft their shoes. This serves a twofold purpose: to honor the traditional artistry of their homeland by using local labor and materials and to foster an environmentally-friendly production environment.

The founders of this brand say that they're inspired by their region's imagination, and they use some truly impressive creativity to incorporate folk traditions and popular culture into their shoes. Each HEREU shoe is a work of art that celebrates the Spanish Mediterranean and slots eloquently into the modern wardrobe.

Express Yourself with Lasting Slow Fashion

Well-crafted and consciously-sourced fashion is the hallmark of our mission at Auralie. When you put a conscious effort into honoring the source and longevity of your clothes, you're pleasing both the environment and your wardrobe. Luxury items, like the HEREU sale pieces, are designed and built to last and stay with you for a long time. We believe functionality and aesthetics should go hand-in-hand. Explore our apparel to pair an independent designer outfit with HEREU shoes.