Laura Lombardi

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A strong, bold, New York-inspired style defines the Laura Lombardi collection. Growing up between New York and Italy, Laura Lombardi can trace her history with jewelry, which began with a case of gold chains her father had in the 1980s. Laura Lombardi balances this raw industrial style, influenced by New York City, with classical art motifs from Italy to create jewelry that is always tied to a memory. By reimagining their materials and purpose, she brings these notions of the past into the present. Shop Laura Lombardi necklaces and earrings that embrace sustainable practices by using upcycled and recycled materials.

Laura Lombardi Values We Share

Laura Lombardi necklaces and earrings aren’t just aesthetically pleasing (although they’re incredibly eye-catching!). This designer has a strong and practical ethos around the manufacturing and sale of her products. Laura Lombardi jewelry is made in New York and New England by independent local businesses. They strive to source materials responsibly and pay everyone involved in the creation of this jewelry a fair living wage. All brass is recycled, and all plating is done in a zero-waste system. We’re proud of their efforts and we’re happy to support their mission.

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As best as we can, we're doing our part to stop the trend of fast fashion. That means no cheap products that break after one wear and pile up in landfills. Every designer we choose thinks deeply and carefully about the materials they use and how their products are manufactured. Sustainability and quality are extremely important to us at Auralie, and Laura Lombardi shares that sense of responsibility.

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