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Marle is a premium womenswear brand grounded on the philosophy of everyday luxury. Founded by a power couple, Juliet and Justin Souter, each collection combines feminine, thoughtful, and low-impact designs, which effortlessly imbue a sense of refined ease. They embrace honest elegance with a casual, laid-back feel that any modern woman can get behind. These loose fits have a soft color palette that easily slots into your wardrobe and your lifestyle. 

Marle was founded with the mission of making timeless essentials that connect you to nature. In that vein, Marle clothing uses exclusively natural fiber materials to emphasize conscious consumption. Everything is made to last so you can enjoy it for many blissful years to come.

Sustainable & Conscious Apparel

Shopping consciously is better for quality, longevity, social responsibility, the environment, and more. Companies, like Marle, are founded on the ethos of respecting the environment while producing a high-quality, beautiful product. We need more fashion designers that forget about chasing trends and focus on the long-term impacts that really matter. 

Marle clothing uses natural fibers that feel good on your skin. They breathe well, work perfectly in every season, and last for many years to come. Marle uses silk, cotton, linen, and cashmere with practiced expertise. Shop pieces that make you feel authentic and comfortable in your own skin.

Put More Thought & Care In Your Wardrobe

We believe the act of getting dressed can be an intentional act of self-care. Your self-expression is key to embracing who you are as a human being, and our minimalist and timeless fashion is handpicked to serve that goal. 

Auralie clothing and accessories are chosen with as much care as the designers put into their products. Our community values our authentic, true selves, and these brands help shape the future modern fashion industry to put those values into practice. Find your new favorite looks at Auralie.