Martiniano Shoes

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Indulge yourself in the finest Argentinian leather craftsmanship with a glorious, uncompromising pair of Martiniano shoes. Designer and founder Martiniano Lopez Crozet has soared into luxury status since the brand’s inception in 2012, and now the name “Martiniano” is deservedly synonymous with elegance in shoes. The leather shoes are elegant in an understated, simple manner that this brand is known for, making each pair incredibly versatile for everyday life. The leather is traditionally crafted for superior comfort and longevity. Handcrafted with care, these shoes are designed to travel with you for a long time.

About Traditional Aniline Dyed Leather

Martiniano makes all of their shoes using a careful traditional process with natural leather. They use kid leather and dye it with anilines, giving it a soft feel that retains the natural look of the leather. The handcrafted process intentionally shows the imperfections of each piece of leather, including the grain and visible pores. They do not cover the leather with paint, pigment, or anything else; they leave the leather "raw" and genuine. 

In each pair of Martiniano shoes, you'll find some slight quirks and differences that arise from the handmade nature of the shoes. This is intentional, and you'll be able to enjoy a graceful pair that isn't cookie-cutter or machine-made. The special aniline dyeing process is also known for its softness and comfort, which in turn promotes its longevity.

Our Slow Fashion Philosophy

We prioritize a "slow fashion" process -- intentional, authentic designs that don't follow a trend. It's designed to use natural materials and ethical processes to grow with you throughout your life. All the designers at Auralie are working against fast fashion with their meticulous high-end craftsmanship, and Martiniano shoes are a shining example of this ethos.