Sustainable Tops

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Because of their prominent position, tops are often the heart, soul, and core of an outfit. For this reason, they should be designed and chosen to wear with intention. Our women’s boutique tops are not only designed to exude beauty and elegance but also to contribute positively to a consumption-based culture through sustainable practices. You’ll find a collection of ethically-made tops that are created to become cherished fixtures in your wardrobe to be rediscovered each time you dress.

Complete Your Ensemble With a Thoughtfully-Crafted Top

Discover women’s boutique tops with refined shapes, muted tones, elegant prints, minimalist cuts, and flattering silhouettes. Whether you’re looking for a striking statement piece or a wardrobe staple, you’ll find it in this Auralie collection. Our selection of women’s boutique tops are designed with craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail. These tops will foster a new sense of appreciation in wardrobe basics like tanks, button-downs, and jersey tops. And they will cultivate a feeling of wonder that can only come from well-crafted, exquisite, and thoughtful designs. Whether you’re putting on a minimalist tank top or a bold-printed blouse, you can make getting dressed a delightful ritual.

Support Conscious Consumption

The Auralie collection of sustainable tops are crafted with mother nature in mind. Created by independent designers who are aligned with the Auralie mission of promoting mindful consumption, these sustainable pieces don’t adhere to evanescent trends. Instead, the focus is on longevity, quality, and classic styles that engender a feeling of connection with yourself, the environment, and the global community. They enable you to actively engage in conscious consumption while developing a greater appreciation for the pieces in your wardrobe, time and time again.