Flânerie with Alexandra Isabella

Flânerie with Auralie is an interview series that wanders on a walk (literal or imagined) and explores the current introspective thoughts and reflections with an Auralie muse.

Alexandra Isabella is a film photographer and model. Alexandra currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

What, where, why, and how are you currently wandering?

I’ve been wandering around my mind and imagination a lot lately; in the best way. I am at a time in my life where I’m both ready and able for a big change, so recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time diving into those ideas and what that may look like with gentle curiosity and patience.

A question you’re currently searching for an answer to:

Where to live next! When I moved to LA, I set an intention to only be here for a year and then to move out of the country. This month it’ll officially be a year, so I’m staying open to whatever pushes and pulls I get in a particular direction. I trust that as long as I prioritize my goals, I’ll find myself in the perfect place.

A warm memory that makes you smile: 

A day spent by the creek. Cold creek water on my skin, sun warming my shoulders, holding a loved one, and feeling absolute bliss.

 A challenge you recently overcame: 

I read this book by Johann Hari, “Stolen Focus,” which thoroughly evaluates and analyzes countless sources of data, research, and proven psychological effects of technology on our brains. It inspired me to cut back on my phone usage. I feel a daily challenge to resist the urge to scroll through my feed or stalk and compare myself to someone I like or dislike. But now I log in for 1-2 min max, then log out. And without a word of exaggeration, I feel genuinely different. I think collectively, all of us can benefit from a minimal and boundary-based relationship with technology.

 Something that brings you joy: 

Reading and baking. I’ve noticed that anyone who knows me well will immediately ask upon seeing me, “so what are you reading now?”. Baking came into my life only a year ago. I spend most of my free time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes and geeking out.

A source of inspiration:

Nature, specifically the desert. It reminds me of the concept of needing little to nothing to create something beautiful. That concept feels like coming home to myself. I grew up in poverty, having little to nothing; anytime I wanted a piece of furniture or trending clothing, I’d make them. Now, it’s liberating to create from that space intentionally.

How do you recharge? 

Quality time with friends, time in the sun, drawing, and sculpting.

How do you re-center?

My meditation practice, crossword puzzles, and dancing.

Advice you would give yourself two years ago:

Having goals and intentions for your future keeps you on track, however, attaching your future to ideas closes you off from what is meant to fall into place. Be present with each moment, every opportunity, test, and every person you meet. If you ask yourself, “what is this requiring me to do right now?” you can slowly walk home toward what is meant to be. Trust and all is coming.

A mindfulness practice you are currently trying to understand and implement:

“Seeing God in everyone I meet”; Ram Dass always talks about this. It helps me feel closer to people, even if we have completely different ideas or views on challenging things. 

Are you holding on to something I need to let go of?

I don’t think I am right now. A month ago, I would’ve answered yes. But right now, I feel light and clear in my body.

What matters most in your life?

My daily meditation practice; I wholeheartedly trust that if it remains my number one priority, then all else is coming. With meditation, I don’t have to do it well, bad, or be any particular way – I’m just there, with the selflessness of the self. Each time I'm in that space, I bloom in ways I know I can’t always see.


Offering one: an episode of my favorite podcast, “Here and Now,” with Ram Dass. Episode 176: Loving & Dying. 

Offering two: the book “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari. 

Offering three: to put your phone down and give yourself a big warm hug.

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