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As the days softly wane deeper into spring, we feel an underlying urge to evaluate our lives and shift our actions while nature transforms outside our windows, quietly preparing for summer. From reflection to the act of gratitude, there are countless actions we take each day that make us who we are—the rituals, routines, practices, actions, and thoughts that dwindle into our deep-rooted habits. We take note of these still moments and explore how crafting intentional habits can alter our path and get us closer to the people we hope to become.

01 | Rituals

Rituals are the moments that make waking up each morning easier. They stop you in your tracks and pleasantly ask you to slow down and savor them. It could be brewing a fresh cup of espresso each morning with beans from a local coffee shop or picking up fresh greenery each week at the grocery store. Perhaps, it’s burning palo santo before starting a creative project or mediating each evening before bed. They evoke us to reflect and appreciate the moment.

  • What rituals do you savor? 
  • Do you take these rituals for granted? 
  • Are they serving you? 
  • Do they need to be reevaluated? 

02 | Routines

A routine is a set of actions that make up the day-to-day. Routines help us stay on track and feel grounded. Things like having a set sleep schedule, eating three meals a day, and showering each evening are all moments of a daily routine. Some of these actions may bring joy, while others require self-discipline to complete. For instance, getting dressed could be a fulfilling act of self-love, while making the bed could be a task that feels mundane. So how can we reframe our thinking around the ordinary and shift our perception of these moments?

  • Do you have a routine that brings you peace?
  • If not, why? 
  • What parts of your daily routine bring you joy? 
  • What parts don’t?
  • How can you reframe your inner monologue while completing the mundane? 

03 | Practices

A practice may be an action you wish to become a habit. It’s something that doesn’t always come naturally or feel easeful. The beauty of a practice is it allows you to try, fail, try again, and ultimately improve your skills. Your daily practice could be journaling, reflecting, showing gratitude, exercising, or meditating; it could even be improving upon keeping your home tidy.

  • Do you have a daily practice?
  • When was the last time you let yourself enjoy failing during your practice? 
  • Do your feel your practice slowly becoming a habit? 
  • Do you look forward to it each day?
  • What thoughts do you have while practicing? 

04 | Actions

An action may be physical or internal. Actions don’t quite fit in as a ritual, routine, or practice yet, although that doesn’t mean it can’t or won't be one day. It could be stopping to take a mid-day walk when your mind needs a break or taking the first step to consuming thoughtfully and purchasing objects with intention.

  • What actions are you proud of?
  • What actions do you wish were habits?
  • Which actions are no longer serving you?

05 | Thoughts

Our thoughts accompany us through every ritual, routine, practice, and action. It’s our job to self-regulate and note how we talk to ourselves. An intentional mind is the first step to creating intentional habits.

  • Is your mind aligned with your goals? 
  • Are you intentional with your thoughts? 
  • Do you show yourself kindness when needed?
  • Is your inner monologue supporting your journey? 


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