Mindfulness Consumption: What Does it Really Mean?

Here at Auralie, we feel so strongly about mindfulness consumption, especially in fashion. We started the shop as a way to encourage our community to be more mindful in their purchase. But what does it really mean?, you asked.

We've all been there - buying stuff we don't need, texting that ex we should be moving on from, eating junk food 4 days in a row...it all sounds too familiar. The real cuprit? Emotional hangover. When we feel an intense and unexpected emotional experience, our mind are clouded. It affects our thoughts and focus, and that's why we do our mindless act.

To be mindful in our purchase means taking extra seconds to think about the process behind how it's made, and its impact on workers, communities and ecosystems. It's thinking beyond trends and a couple of wears. What we're saying here is not that we should be abstain from fast fashion completely, but if we buy fast fashion, how could we do it more sustainably? How do we take care of it so it has a longer life?

Now, the sad truth about fast fashion is most of the time, the pieces are intentionally made only for a few wears, it doesn't mean to last. And the marketing behind fast fashion makes us want to buy, buy, buy; more, more, more. It plays with our mental health, our dopamine.

When it comes to ever-changing world of fashion, we could all use a moment to slow down. By attending to each detail mindfully, taking the time to get to know the brands/ designers behind our clothes, we may be more capable of making better, and less wasteful purchases. When we are careful of our purchase, we'll feel great about buying them, and we'll appreciate the piece and keep them longer. And that my friend, hopefully will the the new cycle of fashion.

Till next time!

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